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everyone welcome

Meeting Every Friday night @ 7:00

216 Carroll parkway, Frederick, md



Addiction Recovery Program

     Today addiction struggles are wide spread and affect people from all walks of life.  If you don't battle an addiction you probably know someone that does. Our program will give you assistance in breaking the addiction as well as keeping you clean once you have broke a habit.

     Our program is Christian based,  Jesus Christ made you, He loves you and will certainly help you.  Those who faithfully follow the RU program experience an 80% recovery rate.

     There is no fee for the program because its a ministry of our Church and those who have recovered want to be a help to you.  There are some text books that you may want to buy that will help you in your recovery and we will take up offerings from time to time to help with various events.

     We meet every Friday Night from  7 to 9 near Baker Park in Frederick, MD feel free to give us a call or just show up.

Ambassador Baptist Church
216 Carroll Parkway
Frederick , MD 21701

     You can also reach me directly:

Director Larry Gibbs

     For more information checkout the RU website:


HOMESTYLE ministries

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